About Operation Resolve

Operation Resolve is the investigation into the deaths of 96 people following events at the Hillsborough Football Stadium in 1989. 

The investigation covers the broad sequence of events associated with the FA Cup semi final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest on 15 April 1989.

It was ordered by the Home Secretary and is being led by Assistant Commissioner Rob Beckley. He is liaising with the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which is managing an investigation into specific aspects of the aftermath of the disaster.

Mr Beckley has a team of experienced investigators who are working under the direct command of the Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Superintendent Neil Malkin. 

In December 2016, Operation Resolve handed over case files relating to 15 suspects to the Crown Prosecution Service. The CPS are expected to announce their charging decisions in the Summer of 2017.


“Our task has been to investigate whether any individual or organisation is criminally culpable for their role either in the planning and preparation for the match or on the day of the game itself. - Rob Beckley, Officer in Overall Command
“The extensive file we have submitted, which contains over 35 million words, reflects four years of intense work from my team. As well as conducting a criminal investigation, for three years we also supported the coronial process in providing the coroner with thousands of documents, witness statements and reports to assist him in conducting the inquests.” - Rob Beckley, Officer in Overall Command


As well as the criminal investigation we are also investigating complaints made by 39 individuals about the conduct of South Yorkshire Police officers at Hillsborough. This is part of our police conduct work that we are undertaking on behalf of the IPCC and is managed by them.

From June 2013 Operation Resolve supported the Coroner, Sir John Goldring, and provided him with thousands of documents, witness statements, reports and audio visual material that assisted him in conducting the inquests that concluded in April 2016.